VIGE2017: Announcing VIGEN Area and Sessions

VIGE2017: Announcing VIGEN Area and Sessions - Vienna International Gaming Expo Networking


The organizers are proud to announce out latest addition to Vienna International Gaming Expo 2017, which will take place between 20 and 22 March 2017 at the Austria Center Vienna. VIGEN is the title which we have given to the Networking Area which will be found on the Expo Floor and the Sessions that will take place in Vienna around the event to maximize your experience during the conference and during the days you are in Vienna.

The VIGEN Area can be found on the Expo Floor located right at the entrance to the Expo Hall.

The networking sessions will be announced in time and we promise that you will only walk away with unique experiences and deals.

Below you will find some suggestions about how you can maximize your attendance at the VIGEN Networking sessions.

Based on our experience and the feedback received from B2B partners, you must be aware that it’s possible to go to a networking event and not have any ‘networking moments.’  It is not just about showering and showing up.  It’s about connecting with people and finding ways to help them progress.  Here are seven proven strategies for making contact at networking events.


The main tip would be to Go at it alone.

- When attending networking functions, go by yourself or at least communicate to your carpool buddies that you should all fan out. Moving about a networking event solo encourages people to approach you and makes it easy to mingle and initiate conversations. It may be more comfortable to have a friend right there with you, but remember: you are there to grow your network, not hang with the people already in your network. So, lone wolfs might have the advantage in engaging and converting the attendance to networking events


As a second suggestion we would like to suggest that you Stand near the registration table.

- After you have registered and put on your badge(Sponsored by BetConstruct, of course), take advantage of the many opportunities to make small talk with new arrivals after they have signed in. These are the couple of minutes when most people are alone and interested in someone new to communicate with. Even something really easygoing like, "Looks like a good turnout..." is probably good enough to get a friendly conversation started. Remember that like you, people are there to make new contacts. And if they are not, they are in the wrong place.


As a third, but vital suggestion we would go for the Circle and scan.

- Before diving into the event, try circling the room and checking out the badges for people or companies you definitely want to make contact with while there. What should you also look for? People standing alone. These folks may be nervous, and your initiative will often endear you to them.  Plus, one-on-one networking is the best networking, because it is hard to join a group unless invited.


Our final suggestion is a quite funny one, but you should hang out at the food table.

- I know it sounds we are joking, but people tend to be easily accessible around food. Stand near the food table, but not the bar. People tend to grab their drinks and move away from the bar, but are more likely to linger near the grub.

As people check out the buffet table, small talk comes more easily. "That Danish looks good..." is as good an opener as any. Once they have their hands full, people often look for a flat surface where they can place their plate and beverage. Take a spot next to them and get to chatting.

Check this out. Our endorphin levels are higher when we are close to food, which boosts our memory and the chance that we will remember and be remembered. We humans are wacky, aren’t we?

This was the first part of our introduction into the world of networking at igaming networking session. Announcements about the VIGEN Sessions will be published upon their are available in our program.


Be sure to save the date and attend VIGE2017, which will be held between the 20th and 22nd of March 2017 at the Austria Vienna Center in order to hear the fresh information at the seminars which will be held within the Expo, highlight your brand for visiting delegates by booking a stand or attend and network with the leading and newcomer company representatives that are going to be present at the show.

Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us on +40 735 559 234 or by mail on

For more details please visit the official website: or register your attendance here:

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